Books by Pastor Jaime Rasmussen

Newest Book: When God Feels Far Away

Are there times in your life when God has felt distant and you’ve wondered if He hears your prayers or even cares? This new book by Pastor Jamie Rasmussen provides practical help and hope for navigating these seasons.

The book offers eight practical and biblical truths that will encourage and prepare you for times when your relationship with God needs restoration. Each chapter will not only help you realize God’s nearness and presence, but help you see His hand working in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Purchase your copy online wherever books and ebooks are sold. Experience the nearness of God in your life in new and life-changing ways!

How Joyful People Think: 8 Ways of Thinking That Lead to a Better Life

Pastor Jamie Rasmussen’s new book was released on July 2019 and book can be purchased here on Amazon.

The book explores how we can get the most out of life just by having right thinking.

Have you ever seen two people face the same adverse circumstances, but have two completely different reactions? The reason is perspective—how they think about life.

In Pastor Jamie Rasmussen’s insightful unpacking of Philippians 4:8, he shares how we can focus our thoughts and attention on the things God says will make a dramatic impact on our outlook and experience.

With this kind of thinking, we can move from self-pity, anger and resentment to contentment, peace and a joy-filled life.

Here’s what others are saying about How Joyful People Think:

I finished my reading of this book more aware that God is wonderfully helpful in ways that matter—that He is faithfully reliable, always committed to doing me good, and leading me in His sometimes inscrutable fashion toward everything I was created to enjoy.

Dr. Larry Crabb, NewWay Ministries

Peace is a lot to expect from reading a book. But it’s here—a livable, biblical path laid out in a single verse that Jamie Rasmussen masterfully shows can help us settle for nothing less than genuine peace and joy.

Dr. John Trent, Strong Families

Pastor Jamie Rasmussen unpacks the meaning of eight seemingly abstract biblical words that the Bible uses to recalibrate our instinctive, habitual patterns of thought. Everyone who reads this book will be challenged to think in more God-centered, Christlike, Spirit-empowered ways!

Dr. Wayne Grudem, Phoenix Seminary

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