Pastor Jamie Rasmussen – About Me

Pastor Jamie Rasmussen standing potrait

Current Ministry

Jamie Rasmussen serves as Senior Pastor of Scottsdale Bible Church (SBC) in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has served in this capacity at SBC since 2007.

As the lead teacher at our weekend worship services, Jamie also acts as the primary vision-caster for the church. He is ultimately responsible to the elders for the health and growth of all our ministries and staff.

An ordained pastor for over 25 years, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Education and Skills

Jamie received his Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Psychology from Hillsdale College. Then he went on to get his Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

With his gifts in leadership and teaching, Pastor Jamie Rasmussen brings a unique skill set to his lessons. He combines biblical revelation with reason allowing you to dig deeper into biblical truths. And he has a talent for applying these lessons to real-life.

His real-world experience and well-reasoned research give authentic applications to his teachings. Having a visionary leadership style helps Jamie guide people to a deeper relationship with God.

Before coming to SBC, Jamie served growing churches in Detroit, Michigan, London, Ontario (Canada) and Cleveland, Ohio.


When not preaching, Jamie loves to read and expand his knowledge. He firmly believes that “leaders are readers.” In fact, he will read multiple books at the same time.

Some of his favorite genres are theology, leadership, cultural/societal trends, and history. When he needs a break, he’ll delve into fiction writing. He loves books by John Grisham and Clive Cussler.

Jamie also serves on multiple boards. These include the Phoenix Seminary and the Communication Institute just to name a few.

He is married to his wife, Kim, and together they have three adult children. He and his family love to hike together, explore remote areas (preferably in a rugged 4×4). They’re also connoisseurs of great action movies.


Pastor Jamie recently published a book titled “How Joyful People Think.” The book is a breakdown of Philippians 4:8. He shares how to restructure your thinking to be more joyful.

“God is much more concerned with a particularly different kind of thinking, which leads to a particularly different set of goals and results.

This different kind of thinking involves altered perspectives and a more rigorous application than merely focusing on positives, possibilities, or problem-solving.

It requires learning to think in ways that God has clearly prescribed. It involves learning to think as God wants us to think.

It’s also the kind of thinking that will make us more mature in our personhood, more faithful to him, more loving toward others, and more satisfied within. It’s the kind of thinking befitting a follower of Jesus Christ.”

Excerpt via Baker Publishing Group

A study guide is available for the book. It will help you examine your heart and mind as you read through the chapters. The study guide is available here.

Example Questions:

    • Do you tend to have an overly negative or positive view of life?
    • Do you believe in “absolute truth?” (i.e., truths that are true for everyone for all time). Why or why not?

Jamie defined “absolute truths” as truths that “come from God.”

    • Do you have a favorite Scripture or doctrine that gives you hope when confronted with trouble? Share with your group.